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The task of planning a wedding is a little like marriage itself—a process of discovery, an opportunity to grown in love. If you are wise, you will use this process as an occasion to deepen your relationship, to work through whatever conflicts may arise, to appreciate each other for the various talents you bring to the marriage, to have a first experience of creating something that is a reflection of your union.

There are many aspects to the commitment of marriage. Exactly what you want your wedding to express is exactly what you should express during your wedding. This will depend on your circumstances and your history, your values and your intentions, your view of life, and your beliefs about relationships. Your wedding is the single most special opportunity you will ever have to say to each other, in the company of guest, just how much you care about each other. Whether you are Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, non-denominational, spiritual, or neither; this is your day, it is your wedding, and we allow it to reflect your thoughts.

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