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The highest spiritual purpose of marriage is love; and love, as we know, is the strongest power there is. Love is a quality of spirit and an attitude of the emotions, but a marriage is life’s work, a spiritual art form.
The couple intuitively knows that when they are called into a marriage it is by no mistake, that to participate in it is a gift in the creation of a loving union. They sense that the real meanings of marriage is far beyond the specific tasks that they now see lying ahead. Marriage invite the development of the highest spiritual selves, that which is transcendent in them, that which participates in the pure experience of love.

Marriage invites us to examine our deepest beliefs, not only about relationships, but also about the power of love itself. It encourages us to allow our relationship to embody the highest values they can hold. The God of Light gives them the longing for love and the capability of loving. We encourage spirit to bring meaning, fun, and happiness to this special occasion.

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