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A non-denominational wedding is a wedding without an specific  organized  religious faith-based group affiliation.   A couple may chose this type of wedding if they each come from different religious backgrounds, if they do not belong to a church, if they chose not to use their faith-based religion, or if they have no religious  preference at all.  

The ceremony may very well be religious in nature, spiritual, or non-religious. The ceremony may or may not have over-tone of one or more religious traditions. 

The ceremony is a truly beautiful experience for the couple and their guest for the couple realizes that married love is love woven into a pattern of living.  It has in it the elements of understanding and of the passionate kindness of a husband and wife toward each other.  It is rich in the many joys of life because each one is more concerned with giving joy than with grasping it for themselves.  The couple stands together in love.
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